Forex Widget and Currency Widgets

Welcome to Forex Widget! Offer your website or blog users a live updating forex widget.

As you can see to the left here, a live forex widget can bring live forex information to any website or blog, and best of all it's free-of-charge! Ready to build your currency widget?

Customise the appearance any way you like, including the colours of the title text, title background, font colour, and alternat row background colours.

Choose up to 10 forex pairs from a huge combinations, all using live currency data.

The best feature of this forex widget, which we feel makes it stand out against the rest, is the ability to choose from a range of jquery effects! Fade, slide in from left, right , up, down, zoom, lots to try out here. Experiment to your heart's content with our forex widget designer

The timezone of the updated date/time is automagically set to your user's PC time!

Please note: As much as we try to keep all data accurate, we cannot guarantee the data provided and is to be used with caution!